-- My return visit in 2007 to South Sudan at the Juba Orphanage


E-Refugee Sponsorship

…Matching American Donors and Refugees to help in these areas


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It is my HOPE that many Sudanese become acclimated into modern, American life by direct help from a live, American Sponsor. However, I believe that you cannot truly help someone unless you know them and their particular circumstances. Because I am stubborn about this belief, I have started, I HOPE YOU SPEAK, a Sponsorship Program that connects American Donors to a real-life Refugee Friend. Yes! I’m that adamant about a real, human interaction; therefore, I will send you the contact information of a Sudanese Refugee and you can personally meet and begin “The Speaking” with one another.

I HOPE this does not happen, but if you want to request a different Friend, please do not wait to connect with me. Each Refugee in my Database understands that their Sponsor is not forced to continue “The Speaking.” This is because I also believe that where there is true Freedom, you do not need a Binding contract.

I HOPE YOU SPEAK, because when we begin to Speak to one another, God can happen and the real help begin.

Abeny’s Reflection on the Tragedy of Africa

...A continent of great beauty and sorrow.. So severe is Africa’s contrast that each person born into its grace must fight for his or her own survival.”

--“Mama-e-Ben,” ...Storyteller, University Speaker, & Author